Ginger apple and lemon detoxify

Ginger Apple and Lemon Detoxify simple recipe

Ginger, apple and lemon juice is an effective detoxify that helps destroy some toxic substances in our body system.

In our daily life we go about eating what we like or want, not knowing that there are some toxic substances present in most of the packaged or processed food we eat in daily basis.

therefore, there is need to detoxify our system regularly, this recipe is  very simple anybody can make it, it contains two nutrient filled fruits, and one spice. Ginger, apple and lemon.

Recipe for ginger apple and lemon juice

Requirements: Juice Blender


3 Whole Apples

1 inch Ginger peeled

2 Lemon peeled including the white pith

Methods of Preparation

  1. wash all the items very clean and cut them into smaller pieces for easing juicing.
  2. add everything into the Juice blender and blend until smooth.
  3. pour over ice in your favorite juice glass
  4. enjoy

Ta Da!! i told you, its very simple anybody can do it.

its your turn, tell me what you think.

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