How breakfast improve your General Health

Benefits of eating breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day eaten in the morning. Breakfast is considered by
many food experts to be the most important meal of the day.
In the community i grew up, we don’t have breakfasts, we call it “Morning Food”, usually
a large cooked meal, more like dinner lolz! Eaten in the morning before work or school,
to carry you through a large part of the day.
When i became a chef i realized how exotic a breakfast can be.

Benefits of Eating Breakfast

Nutrition experts have said that breakfast is the best meal of the day and a key start for
the day. They say it makes us think and perform better in work and school, it also
supports our general well being.
One of these experts is Jessica Crandall, a registered dietitian and a spokeswoman for
the Academy of Nutrition and dietetics., Below are for Benefits of eating breakfast

Energy and Nutrition

One of the universal breakfast formula is to pair carbs with proteins, the carbs give your
body energy and your brain fuel it needs to start the day. The protein on the other hand
gives you staying power and helps you stay full until your next meal.

Control Blood Sugar

Eating breakfast helps keep your blood sugar steadier throughout the day, diabetic or not.
For people with normal glucose test results, regular breakfast might help you avoid insulin resistance. If you have diabetes don’t skip breakfast says Osama Hamdy, MD, PhD, he says when people with diabetes skip breakfast, they are more likely to get low blood sugar called hypoglycemia.
Advice for people with diabetes should go for a breakfast with low carbs and balanced
amount of protein and fats. E.g. Milk and oat meal or eggs and a piece of whole grain toast.

Good for the heart.

A recent study at the journal of the American college of cardiology reported that people who skip breakfast are more likely to have atherosclerosis. That’s when your arteries narrow and hardened because of the build up of plaque it can lead to heart attack and stroke.
These people are more likely to weigh more, have high Cholesterol levels.

Healthy weight

When you haven’t had breakfast you are more likely to get hungry therefore, makes you to over eat later in the day or choose unhealthy foods just to satisfy your hunger. Science seems to back this up in a 2017 Review in the “Journal circulation”


We are all living this crazy lifestyle, run out of the door every morning, without taking breakfast, we end up eating some junk food later in the day, next thing you know you’ve gained weight. lets try to adjust our lifestyle to suit our health needs, skipping breakfast may not be the cause of our health issues, but it is a good place to start fixing it

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